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+h1. BytecodeParser
+p. BytecodeParser is a java library that can help you statically to parse java bytecode by extracting as much information as possible. It is based upon "javassist":
+p. It can also statically analyze each method's frame, for particular purposes like retrieving the names of the local variable names given as parameters of a method call (its original purpose), check if all the frames are reachable, etc.
+p. BytecodeParser simulates the stack operations made by the opcodes in the CodeAttribute. It can give you the state of the stack before and after the frame is run.
+p. BytecodeParser is released under the "LGPL, version 3":
+h2. How to use it
+bc. ClassPool cp = ClassPool.getDefault();
+CtClass ctClass = cp.get("org.project.MyClass");
+for(CtBehavior behavior : ctClass.getDeclaredMethods()) {
+ StackAnalyzer parser = new StackAnalyzer(behavior);
+ Frames frames = parser.analyze();
+ FrameIterator iterator = frames.iterator();
+ while(iterator.hasNext()) {
+ Frame frame =;
+ // you can get some extended information about this frame with frame.decodedOp
+ // you can also get the state of the stack before or after this frame with frame.stackBefore and frame.stackAfter
+ }
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