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The Java Image Processing Survival Guide

For a few customers I needed to do a lot of things with images

  • Process million of images - many of them were user-supplied
  • Convert various image formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP) into JPEGs
  • Converting PDFs into JPEGs
  • Resample images
  • Handle CMYK image
  • Handle images with alpha-channel
  • Apply image operations such as geyscaling, dithering and sharpening
  • Setting image compression and DPI for storing JPGs

In order to get the things done I used various image processing libraries with varying success

  • Java ImageIO (comes with the JDK)
  • Java Advanced Imaging (JAI)
  • Apache Commons Imaging (also known as Sanselan)
  • TwelveMonkeys library

The problem with all of those libraries is that I had various issues and information how to solve my issues were hard to find on the internet.

Therefore the idea was born to write a paper & sample code covering the image processing libraries I used - maybe you can save a lot of time :-)