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JSCouch examples done with Riak

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JSCouch examples done with Riak

I wanted to experiment with using MapReduce on Riak, and I
found the JSCouch examples to be an excellent learning tool
for learning how to do MapReduce for CouchDB (using client-side
JavaScript only).

So, as a learning exercise, I tried to re-implement the same
basic queries, but using Riak.

I used the official JavaScript/jQuery client library from the Riak
source code (in client_lib/javascript).

I've included files from jQuery, Riak, and JSCouch, all licensed
under their respective licenses. The stuff I created is released
into the Public Domain.

To run:

1) Make sure Riak is running at

2) Then run


   This will populate Riak with the riak-jscouch files.

3) Point your web browser at:

   From here, you can try out the original JSCouch, and then
   try the equivalent queries on Riak.

Note: This was just a learning exercise, and I do not possess a
complete knowledge of the correct way to do things Riak-style, so
I may not have built the queries in the best or most correct way.
If you see something I did wrong, or that could be done better,
send an email to or @jimpick on twitter or identica.


 - Jim

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