A Swift port of Kilo, the C editor written in about 1000 lines of code.
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A Swift port of Kilo, the C editor written in about 1000 lines of code.

This is mostly for funsies, but is a functional text editor. I'm writing it by following along with this long tutorial and working out how things work in Swift. I'm also slowly converting bits of the code into more Swift-like designs when I'm fairly confident it's actually helping.

If you like non-Xcode Swift projects, text editors, or unsafe bits of Swift, maybe this is interesting to look at.


It's a Swift Package Manager project, so if you navigate to the project root in your terminal and type swift build, it'll generate a binary to run at .build/debug/SwiftKilo which you can do whatever you like with such as run it with lldb or just work on your text files.


I'm not really interested in whatever cool feature you implement. But if you did have ideas on how to make things more Swift-like, I'd be happy to see your PR's. This project isn't for profit, you're free to fork it and do whatever you want, go nuts! The original project wasn't even my idea in the first place, haha.