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Mood Music App for CS 410 Project
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CS 410 Project: Mood Media

Mood Media is a web application that recommends songs and movies for users to consume based on their mood.


The following environment was used for testing:

  1. OS: Mac OS High Sierra
  2. Node JS : Version 9 or higher
  3. Npm : Version 5.6 or higher
  4. Python : 2.7.x


Steps to test the app locally:

Setup and run the authorization login script:

  1. cd auth-server
  2. Install dependencies: npm install
  3. cd authorization_code
  4. node app.js

Setup and run the mood-media backend in a new terminal:

  1. From the mood-media director, run cd mood-backend
  2. npm install
  3. npm run server

Setup and run the mood-media front end in a new terminal:

  1. From the mood-media directory, run npm install
  2. npm run dev
  3. Go to localhost:8080 on your browser

Run the Python script in a new terminal:

  1. From the mood-media directory, run cd mood-backend
  2. Install NLTK:
    a. For Mac/Unix users: run sudo pip install -U nltk
    b. Others:
  3. Run python then type import nltk

Music App


  1. Gathers songs from specific genre using Spotify API.
  2. Gets the lyrics for these songs from the Genius API.
  3. Python script parses song lyrics, and matches them with the user’s chosen mood.
  4. Songs that match the user’s mood are shown to them on the front end.

Movies App


  1. A list of movies matching the user’s genre are received from The Movie DB API.
  2. The movie overviews are parsed out and sent to the backend.
  3. The Python script is run on the movie overview to see if the movie matches the user’s mood.
  4. The movies matching the user’s mood are shown to the user.

Technologies used:

  1. Front-end: ReactJS
  2. Back-end: Node.JS & Python

APIs and library used:


  • Austin Sun:
    • Implemented text-similarity algorithm in the backend and returned script to frontend.
    • Contributed in meshing the frontend and backend.
  • Lina Sie:
    • Implemented the functions to get the lyrics from Genius API using Node JS.
  • Shirdon Gorse:
    • Implemented the front end (ReactJS), and the backend portions that communicate with the front end (Node JS).
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