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Chart.js Parallel Coordinate Plots

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Chart.js module for charting parallel coordinate plots (PCPs). Adding new chart type: pcp.


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npm install --save chart.js chartjs-chart-pcp


see Samples on Github


Data Structure

the data items are the regular data items along with their labels. For each attribute there is an dataset. e.g., in the following example there are three items (A, B, C) with three axes / features (f1, f2, f3).

const objs = [
  { label: 'A', f1: 5, f2: 3, f4: 3 },
  { label: 'B', f1: 2, f2: 1, f4: 8 },
  { label: 'C', f1: 10, f2: 6, f4: 2 },
const attrs = ['f1', 'f2', 'f3'];
const config = {
  type: 'pcp',
  data: {
    labels: => obj.label),
    datasets: => ({
      label: attr,
      data: => obj[attr]),
  options: {},

Styling of elements

Two new elements were added: lineSegment as a subclass of line for a line segment between two axes and linearAxis for representing the vertical axis as a wrapper around a linear scale.




The Parallel Coordinates controller pcp uses a linear scale. There is also the logarithmicPcp that uses a logarithmic scale. Using chart.js hybrid charts, one can specify the type per dataset. e.g.,

const config = {
  type: 'pcp',
  data: {
    labels: ['1', '2', '3'],
    datasets: [
        label: 'A',
        data: [1, 2, 3]
        type: 'logarithmicPcp',
        label: 'B',
        data: [1, 2, 10000]
  options: {},

ESM and Tree Shaking

The ESM build of the library supports tree shaking thus having no side effects. As a consequence the chart.js library won't be automatically manipulated nor new controllers automatically registered. One has to manually import and register them.

Variant A:

import Chart from 'chart.js';
import { ParallelCoordinatesController, LinearAxis, LineSegment, PCPScale } from 'chartjs-chart-pcp';

Chart.register(ParallelCoordinatesController, PCPScale, LineSegment);

new Chart(ctx, {
  data: [...],

Variant B:

import { ParallelCoordinatesChart } from 'chartjs-chart-pcp';

new ParallelCoordinatesChart(ctx, {
  data: [...],

Development Environment

npm i -g yarn
yarn install
yarn sdks vscode

Common commands

yarn compile
yarn test
yarn lint
yarn fix
yarn build
yarn docs