command-line URL parser. single binary, no dependencies. osx & linux & windows.
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url - command-line URL parser

url parses its arguments as URLs and prints a structured representation (JSON or go template) to stdout.

print output JSON output

Get it

Using go get:

go get -u

Or download the binary from the releases page.

# Linux
curl -L | tar xz

# OS X
curl -L | tar xz

# Windows
curl -LO

Also available as a docker image:

docker pull

Use it

url reads URLs from CLI arguments and writes to stdout.

Usage of url:
  -t string
    	alias for -template
  -template string
    	go template output
  -p	alias for -plain
    	plain URL output (useful with -set-* flags)
  -r	alias for -resolve
    	resolve ../ in URLs
  -set-fragment value
    	set the fragment component
  -set-host value
    	set the host component
  -set-hostname value
    	set the hostname component
  -set-opaque value
    	set the opaque component
  -set-path value
    	set the path component
  -set-port value
    	set the port component
  -set-query value
    	set the (raw) query component
  -set-scheme value
    	set the scheme component
  -set-username value
        set the username component
  -set-password value
        set the password component
    	print version and exit

JSON output

The default output format is JSON, one object per line:

$ url

Template output

You can specify an output template using the -template parameter and go template syntax:

$ url -t .Hostname

The fields available to the template are specified in the flatURL struct.

Setting URL components

You can modify the URLs before they are printed using the -set-* parameters. This probably most useful together with the -p (plain URL) output:

$ url -p -set-port 443

This can also be used to build URLs:

$ url -p -set-host -set-scheme https -set-path /sgreben/url/cmd/url ""


Feel free to leave a comment or create an issue.