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A browser based plugin simulation tool to aid development and testing of Cordova applications.


npm install -g cordova-simulator

#Usage From the command line anywhere within a Cordova project, enter the following:

simulate [<platform>] [--target=<browser>] 


  • platform is any Cordova platform that has been added to your project. If no platform is specified, the browser platform will be used.
  • browser is the name of the browser to launch your app in. Can be any of the following: chrome, chromium, firefox, ie, opera, safari.

#What it does

Cordova simulator will launch your app in the browser, and open a second browser window displaying UI that allows you to control how plugins in your application work.

This preview version includes built-in support for the camera ( or cordova-plugin-camera) and device (org.apache.cordova.device or cordova-plugin-device) plugins, but also allows for plugins to define their own UI. To add simulation support to a plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the cordova-simulator git repository (git clone, as it contains useful example code (see src/plugins).
  2. Add your plugin UI code to your plugin in src/simulation. There must be a file called sim-host-controls.html, which defines the UI to display in the simulation window, and there can also be supporting js, css and image files which it references.