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Cordova for WP7 Mango

Cordova WP7 is a .net application library that lets you create Cordova applications targeting WP7 Mango devices. Cordova based applications are, at the core, an application written with web technology: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Getting Started

  • copy the file to the folder : \My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ProjectTemplates\ -- if you have just installed VisualStudio, you should launch it once to create this folder -- if you prefer, you may add the project instead to the "Silverlight for Windows Phone" subfolder of "Visual C#". This is up to you, and only affects where the project template is shown when creating a new project. You may need to create this folder.
  • Launch Visual Studio 2010 and select to create a new project -- Cordova-1.5.0-Starter should be listed as an option, give your new project a name -- If you do not see it, you may have to select the top level 'Visual C#' to see it
  • Build and Run it!


When you add or remove files/folders in the www folder you will need to do the following

  • ensure the new item is included in the project ( Content ) This includes ALL images/css/html/js/* and anything that you want available at runtime. -- Do not modify the CordovaSourceDictionary.xml file which is included in the project, it is auto-generated for you when you build.


File them at Apache Incubator

Further Reading

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