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Commits on Oct 08, 2012
@purplecabbage purplecabbage js+path updates for 1.9.0 release b5b2ec4
@purplecabbage purplecabbage rebuilt for 1.9.0 release 45f451b
@purplecabbage purplecabbage [CB-986] backbutton navigation error 789ec39
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updated version info, added version info to templates, updated splash…
… screen images
@purplecabbage purplecabbage removed build cruft 8ebf870
@purplecabbage purplecabbage moar prep, renaming 85754c7
@purplecabbage purplecabbage rejigger to the new structure fe6c3e2
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updated assembly info, like the file name suggests .. ecbe6d1
@purplecabbage purplecabbage removed dupes, and point to new loc of existing source files aadd74c
@purplecabbage purplecabbage restruct to use the library project, wtf is a dgml ? 22a777b
@purplecabbage purplecabbage [CB-925] saveToPhotoAlbum CameraOption 676221b
@purplecabbage purplecabbage update camera options d2d86d7
@purplecabbage purplecabbage some dictionaries should not be ignored 2d4017e
@purplecabbage purplecabbage this one too a260c62
@purplecabbage purplecabbage just ignore these guys ff49023
@purplecabbage purplecabbage make everything ref v2.0.0 afc735a
@purplecabbage purplecabbage update all templates 53f2d9c
@purplecabbage purplecabbage Camera + Notification 49a9c54
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updated Media and Contact methods ad3bfd6
@purplecabbage purplecabbage added dispatch wrapper to setVolume 46486b4
@purplecabbage purplecabbage update Capture methods" 11a9f23
@purplecabbage purplecabbage Updated FileTransfer e2e72e4
@purplecabbage purplecabbage added File methods param parsing, fixed Notification.vibrate dc07ee8
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updating templates for 2.0 abaa706
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updated full template for 2.0 41ffd6f
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updated minimal template for 2.0 5773759
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updated standalone template for 2.0 f868500
@purplecabbage purplecabbage remove spec overhead stuff 9c03e26
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updated template f380018
@purplecabbage purplecabbage [CB-1112] overridebackbutton 1843a40
@hermwong hermwong CB-805 getCurrentHeading returns success only once f88483c
@purplecabbage purplecabbage [CB-1174] eb66bcd
@purplecabbage purplecabbage File tests passing 48edb8f
@purplecabbage purplecabbage adjusted contact deserialization for updated exec calls 605ce2c
@purplecabbage purplecabbage CB-1252 3d4fd8b
@purplecabbage purplecabbage mass rename for 2.1.0rc1 fa659e1
@purplecabbage purplecabbage remove old custom lib version, not supported lately e392227
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updated Device.cs for 2.1.0rc1 5bda30a
@purplecabbage purplecabbage Cleanup tests, added readmes 2ae8d57
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updated readmes d22479c
@purplecabbage purplecabbage CORDOVA_CLASSLIB build time define to resolve resource linkage 8899ab9
@mwbrooks mwbrooks [#1313] Update PhoneGap references to Apache Cordova. f33ba46
@purplecabbage purplecabbage paths are resolved via BaseCommand which conditionally adds the DLL r…
…esource path if built into a library project
@purplecabbage purplecabbage MediaElement only supported one at a time, CB-941, CB-988 5fe1590
@purplecabbage purplecabbage Notification.confirm buttonLabels are not a real array, but a comma d…
…elim string.
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updated to latest hello app + latest cordova-js 0c4ac98
@purplecabbage purplecabbage removed warning, unused var d32b028
@purplecabbage purplecabbage Startup Object not set when changes to namespace ad848ee
@purplecabbage purplecabbage update hello app, rejigger beep linkage fc11bf1
@purplecabbage purplecabbage update hello app html 878826e
unknown allow appending to files a875b2e
@purplecabbage purplecabbage timestamps were incorrect, leaving JS to create timestamps that are c…
…onsistent with other platforms.
@purplecabbage purplecabbage bump version to 2.1.0 90cff43
@purplecabbage purplecabbage added param to retain callback script, renamed MediaStates, fixed des…
…erialization error
@purplecabbage purplecabbage removed verbose console output, added default address type 'home', [C…
…B-1374] escape new line char in returned contacts.
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updated cordova.js for 2.1.0 e654bc8
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updated VERSION to 2.1.0 9cd88e3
@purplecabbage purplecabbage removed built dll, source only in the repo now ... faabb82
@purplecabbage purplecabbage updated JS from new tag 8ad1305