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Firmware version 1.1, Hardware revision B

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@sgreg sgreg released this 19 Aug 01:08
· 52 commits to master since this release


Fully re-designed and piano-shaped PCB

Main changes:

  • it's a piano! and buttons are more ergonomically aligned
  • display is a different, clip-in Nokia 5110 LCD
  • added back light to LCD, connected to PWM output
  • crystal footprint and frequency, using now 12MHz instead of 16MHz and staying in spec for 3.3V supply voltage
  • power supply selector for UART to either feed 5V USB voltage or 3.3V regulator voltage to a UART module, or don't supply any voltage at all if a self-powered USB to serial module is used
  • general pin assignment changes for better routing


Adjustments to comply with new hardware. No additional functionality.

Main changes:

  • comes now with dedicated USB VID/PID pair \o/
  • adjusting pin assignments
  • F_CPU set to 12MHz in Makefile and defined UART baud rate generator constants for 9600, 19200, 38400 and 57600 respectively
  • adjusted LCD bias system value for new Nokia 5110 display
  • updated UART command line output for new versions, dates and URLs

General Notes

Obviously, Revision B hardware won't be compatible with earlier firmware versions and firmware code before commit 731fa44 should be avoided.

Likewise, any firmware after commit b6b119f should never be run on Revision A hardware.