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CГApL∀b SmartPlug firmware

The SmartPlug firmware is running on an ESP8266 and is implemented in C using the ESP8266 non-OS SDK. This is initially based on my ESP8266 C SDK template which I wrote about in this blog article, so that's a good starting point to set up a build environment ..if you're actually like thiking of building this yourself.

Well, let's say you do.

Configure it

First things first, you have to decide if you want to use the simple server backend to use the PlugBuddy companion app and optionally tweet about the SmartPlug's life, or rather use the ThingSpeak API and tweet only.

Set the USE_THINGSPEAK flag in user_config.h accordingly. If you set it to 1, you'll need a Twitter token from ThingSpeak and set the twitter_api_key variable accordingly. The remote server is already set up in this case.

However, if you decide to self-host the backend instead, i.e. set the flag to 0, adjust the backend.tcp->remote_port and backend.tcp->remote_host accordingly.

Then you'll obviously have to set up the WiFi network by configuring the wifi_ssid and wifi_password variables in user_config.h.

If you're using ThingSpeak and want to adjust the tweets, have a look at the wif_send_thingspeak() function in main.c

Build and flash it

Building and writing the firmware is just simple ESP8266 C SDK stuff. Again, check my blog article on the ESP8266 C SDK as starting point for that.