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An example chat application demonstrating sockets, pubsub and associations
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A Sails application

What it is

sailsChat is a multi-user chat app that demonstrates some new features in Sails v0.10:

  • Low-level socket methods using sails.sockets
  • New / reworked PubSub methods
  • Auto-generated routes and actions (blueprints) for associations

The app features both private messages between two users, and public (multi-user) chatrooms, all updated in real time. And all in under 100 lines of backend code (using the strictest method of line-counting :) )

What it ain't

sailsChat is not a sterling example of how to architect a web application. The front-end is deliberately simplified, using no outside libraries besides jQuery and The back-end is similarly oversimplified--a new user is created whenever a socket connects to the server, and destroyed as soon as that socket disconnects. This allows us to easily demonstrate concepts without having to implement a login system, sessions, or anything else extraneous.


Clone the repo into a new directory, npm install and sails lift, and you're off!


Browse to http://localhost:1337 to view the app in all its glory. A new user will be created for you automatically. Of course, a chat app isn't much fun with just one user, so open another tab or browser window to the same address to pop up a new user. Then use the "Send private message" button to communicate directly between two users, or start a new chat room to chat with a group!


On the wiki.

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