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Source code for the default registry for Cargo users. Can be found online at


  • git clone this repository
  • npm install

Making UI tweaks or changes

This website is built using Ember.js for the frontend, which enables tweaking the UI of the site without actually having the server running locally. To get up and running with just the UI, run:

npm run start:ui

This will give you a local server to browse while using the staging backend (hosted on heroku at

If you'd like to run the server with a specific different backend, you can specify specific arguments to npm start. For example you can set the proxy to to use the live instance, but do be aware that any modifications made here will be permanent! To do this, run:

npm start -- --proxy

This requires NPM 2.0.

Working on the backend

If you'd like to change the API server (the Rust backend), then the setup is a little more complicated.

  1. Define some environment variables:

    # Credentials for uploading packages to S3, these can be blank if you're not
    # publishing locally.
    export S3_BUCKET=...
    export S3_ACCESS_KEY=...
    export S3_SECRET_KEY=...
    export S3_REGION=...      # not needed if the S3 bucket is in US standard
    # Credentials for talking to github, can be blank if you're not logging in.
    # When registering a new application, be sure to set the callback url to the
    # address `http://localhost:4200/authorize/github`.
    export GH_CLIENT_ID=...
    export GH_CLIENT_SECRET=...
    # Key to sign and encrypt cookies with
    export SESSION_KEY=...
    # Location of the *postgres* database
    # e.g. postgres://postgres:@localhost/cargo_registry
    export DATABASE_URL=...
    # Remote and local locations of the registry index
    export GIT_REPO_URL=file://`pwd`/tmp/index-bare
    export GIT_REPO_CHECKOUT=`pwd`/tmp/index-co
  2. Set up the git index

  3. Build the server

    cargo build
  4. Run the migrations

  5. Run the servers

    # In one window, run the api server
    # In another window run the ember-cli server
    ember server --proxy http://localhost:8888/

Running Tests

  1. Configure the location of the test database. Note that this should just be a blank database, the test harness will ensure that migrations are run.

    export TEST_DATABASE_URL=...
  2. Run the API server tests

    cargo test
  3. Run frontend tests

    ember test
    ember test --server


For more information on using ember-cli, visit

For more information on using cargo, visit

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