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<title>The Lurker's Guide Wants YOU!</title>
<h1>Help build the Guide!</h1>
The <cite>Lurker's Guide</cite> is looking for a few good men (or women) to
help keep things current as the show moves into its second season.
Here's what it needs:
<b>Guide pages</b> for the second half of year one, and beyond. Matt Ryan
is doing the year-one guide pages right now, but won't be able to continue,
so I need someone to pick up the job.
<b>Artwork</b> to make things look a little spiffier.
Candidates for the guide-page writing job should:
Have good writing skills.
Be willing to commit to putting in
the necessary time. Doing a good guide page will often take several hours.
Ideally you should be able to send in your work within a week or two of an
episode's airing.
Be able to pick episodes apart. Matt Ryan's pages
(<a href="guide/000.html">"The Gathering"</a>
<a href="guide/007.html">"The War Prayer"</a>
at the moment) are a good example of the level of detail required.
Stay caught up with the Usenet B5 discussions, which are often a great source
of material.
If you can help out, please
<a href="/cgi-bin/uncgi/feedback?where=/lurk/volunteers.html&what=Volunteer">send me mail</a>.
<a href="lurker.html">To the <cite>Lurker's Guide</cite> home page</a>