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a zookeeper client, that makes life a little easier.
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Adding setAcl and getAcl methods to zkClient so users can setAcls not…

… just during creation but after creation of node as well.
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ZkClient: a zookeeper client, that makes life a little easier.

==> see CHANGELOG for recent work

Build ZkClient from sources:

Howto release ZkClient as maven artifact

  • sonatype repository is already configured:
  • generate gpg key and publish it to hkp:// ( may be of help)
  • tell gradle about the gpg key and sonatype credentials, e.g. through ~/.gradle/ sonatypeUsername= sonatypePassword= signing.keyId= signing.password= signing.secretKeyRingFile=/Users//.gnupg/secring.gpg
  • set version in build.gradle to the release version (e.g. 0.5-dev to 0.5) and commit
  • execute gradle clean uploadArchives to uploaded the signed artifacts to the sonatype repository
  • go to and close the repository
  • check the artifacts and if everything is ok, release the repository (on the same page)
  • syncing to central maven repository will then be activated (might take around 2h)
  • tag with git tag -a git push --tags
  • set version in build.gradle to the next dev version (e.g 0.5 to 0.6-dev) and commit
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