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BibTeX bibliography of my publications, continuously updated. Includes TeX-files for German and English lists of publications, including version control information via gitfile-info.

gitfile-info is monkey patched to check for version control information of the .bib-file (and not the .tex-files).

Workflow for LaTeX-files

  • Run sh


  1. Update bib-file
  2. Commit and sync changes
  3. Run pythonw in working directory to get and store version number
  4. Run pdflatexmk to typeset list of publications
  5. Upload PDF files to server (or use the files stored on GitHub)


  • Create Makefile to automatically execute the workflow (switched to shell script)
  • Add option to create Markdown versions (currently done via citeproc-ruby and jekyll-scholar for my website)
  • Change sort order for markdown version to: newest to oldest
  • Implement i18n-support to prevent duplicate versions (English, German) (switched to temporary English version of the bibliography and using sed to replace a number of special strings)