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A ClojureScript + Om frontend for Kandan. An example app that's actually useful.

Omchaya Screenshot

Project features

  • Reasonable mobile support
  • Composable plugin system (Thank you real data structures!)
    • Mentions
    • Emoji
    • Youtube/Vimeo/Image embed
    • /me support
    • Inline-pastie
    • RGB/Hex color embed
  • Collaborative music player and queueing system
  • Real-time narrowing search across people, media, music, and messages
  • Keybindings
  • Deep-linking

Getting the project

git clone
cd omchaya

Example usage

Omchaya is just for local usage right now. Try a couple of commands:

/play <url to an audio-tag-compatible source (mp3, etc.)>
#hheexx or #hex
Any youtube/vimeo/img/link will be picked up
Basic pastie support is there

Debug keybindings

  • ctrl-/: Open the history player
  • ctrl-esc: Open the state (Ankha) inspector in an in-app window
  • ctrl-1: Change the path to display for the state inspector window

I don't have Clojure, but I still want to see it!

Use the demo branch:

git checkout demo
open http://localhost:9000/dev.html

Running locally


This will compile the CLJS code to JS once and start the server hosting the assets.

Developing locally

Start the auto recompiler for the CLJS code:

lein cljsbuild auto

Serve the assets:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 9000
open http://localhost:9000/dev.html

Omchaya Design

  • Rendering all done via Om/React
  • Each component sends app-logic events to router via core.async channels
  • State transition managed centrally via controller
  • Imperative/side-effects restricted to post-controller

Omchaya Flow

Facebook React Devtools Support

Omchaya uses Om > 0.5.1 to implement IDisplayName for components, so we can take advantage of the Facebook React Devtools > 0.8 to see the structure of your web app in terms of the components you expect.

Here's an idea of what it looks like - notice the name of the tags shown:

Facebook React Devtools <3 Omchaya


Omchaya is released under the MIT license, see LICENSE for further details.

Copyright (c) 2014 BUSHIDO INC. unless otherwise mentioned.