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A 3d engine written in scheme.

Currently Tehila is alpha-quality, and very Chicken Scheme specific. There's tons of room for speed optimization, and plenty to do to make it more scheme-like. But it's progressing quite nicely.


You'll need the following eggs:


Installation & Usage

To install, first install chicken scheme, and then:

sudo chicken-install opengl
sudo chicken-install glut
git clone git://

That's it! Tehila is setup with all its dependencies.

For general usage, pass your logic file to Tehila by:

csi launcher.scm <some-logic-file.scm>

If you omit any file, then the launcher will give you a menu to launch any file in the examples/ directory

csi launcher.scm

Choose one and you should the example appear.


The Nehe tutorials 1-5 have been translated and are in the examples directory. Edit launcher.scm to specify which to open.