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(defpackage :vana-utils
(:use :common-lisp)
(:export :args->alist
(in-package :vana-utils)
;; I like pretty function names :P
(defmacro defalias (old new)
`(defun ,new (&rest args)
(apply #',old args)))
(defalias zerop zero?)
;; Convenience function
(defun list->string (list &optional separator)
"A bit of a hacky way to turn a list into a string via reduce"
(if list
(reduce #'(lambda (str1 str2) (concatenate 'string str1 str2 separator)) list)
(defun args->alist (&rest args)
"Takes an even number of arguments and returns an associative list consisting of (ARG1 . ARG2) (ARG3 . ARG4), etc."
(if (null args)
(acons (first args)
(second args)
(apply #'args->alist (rest (rest args))))))
(defun -> (key list &optional (test 'string-equal))
"Returns value associated with KEY from the associatie list ALIST. Optionally uses :TEST for key equality."
(cdr (assoc key list :test test)))