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Alternative plurals? #1

angus77 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Sometimes there are multiple acceptible versions of plurals out there---e.g. "buses" is sometimes spelled "busses", and the Concise Oxford makes no mention of the "viri" plural of "virus". Are there any plans to deal with that? You don't want (singular-of "busses") to return "buss", and you wouldn't want (plural-of (singular-of "busses")) to return "buses".


Hmm, I'm unsure. I know that "viri" is technically "incorrect" (see

The point abou busses -> buss is a good one (just like (singular-of "address") => "addres"). It seems like this is likely a different rule that should be added rather than an exception.

The best way to handle multiple-plurals is to have an authoritative version, and if it differs from a particular rule, to put it into the exceptions list.

Have you run into either of these points yet? Or are you planning on using vana-inflector down then road?


I was actually planning on writing the pluralization of a handful of words into a little blog app I was writing for my wife ("Blogs", "Posts", "Comments" etc) but thought it would be nice to have a function that did it automatically so I don't have to do it every time I add a new little something to the app. And then I saw vana-inflector at Cliki.

I haven't actually run into any problems---I just happen to be a spelling nerd (and there was an octopus-->octopi example on Cliki that caught my attention).

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