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CapistranoDbTasks | Gem Downloads Code Climate Gem Version

Add database AND assets tasks to capistrano to a Rails project. It only works with capistrano 3. Older versions until 0.3 works with capistrano 2.


  • It only supports mysql and postgresql (both side remote and local)
  • Synchronize assets remote to local and local to remote

Commands mysql, mysqldump (or pg_dump, psql), bzip2 and unbzip2 (or gzip) must be in your PATH

Feel free to fork and to add more database support or new tasks.


Add it as a gem:

gem "capistrano-db-tasks", require: false

Add to config/deploy.rb:

require 'capistrano-db-tasks'

# if you haven't already specified
set :rails_env, "production"

# if you want to remove the local dump file after loading
set :db_local_clean, true

# if you want to remove the dump file from the server after downloading
set :db_remote_clean, true

# if you want to exclude table from dump
set :db_ignore_tables, []

# if you want to exclude table data (but not table schema) from dump
set :db_ignore_data_tables, []

# configure location where the dump file should be created
set :db_dump_dir, "./db"

# If you want to import assets, you can change default asset dir (default = system)
# This directory must be in your shared directory on the server
set :assets_dir, %w(public/assets public/att)
set :local_assets_dir, %w(public/assets public/att)

# if you want to work on a specific local environment (default = ENV['RAILS_ENV'] || 'development')
set :locals_rails_env, "production"

# if you are highly paranoid and want to prevent any push operation to the server
set :disallow_pushing, true

# if you prefer bzip2/unbzip2 instead of gzip
set :compressor, :bzip2

Add to .gitignore


How to install bzip2 on Windows

Available tasks

app:local:sync      || app:pull     # Synchronize your local assets AND database using remote assets and database
app:remote:sync     || app:push     # Synchronize your remote assets AND database using local assets and database

assets:local:sync   || assets:pull  # Synchronize your local assets using remote assets
assets:remote:sync  || assets:push  # Synchronize your remote assets using local assets

db:local:sync       || db:pull      # Synchronize your local database using remote database data
db:remote:sync      || db:push      # Synchronize your remote database using local database data


Replace your local database with the production database

This use case allows you to have the same data on your machine as your production. You then can reproduce or test things before to apply to your production.

cap db:pull
cap production db:pull # if you are using capistrano-ext to have multistages

Replace your local database using a dump file stored on your machine

In case you have a dump file on your machine (you used db:pull and kept some files) and you want to replay one of them, you can use the db:local:load:

cap development db:local:load DUMP_FILE=db/myapp_production_2018-01-10-150434.sql

(You have to create a config/deploy/development.rb file containing set :stage, :development at least in order to get this working)



  • May be change project's name as it's not only database tasks now :)
  • Add tests

Copyright (c) 2009 [Sébastien Gruhier - XILINUS], released under the MIT license


Add capistrano tasks for syncing remote and local database







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