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Views generator for devise gem. Views are generated to be used with simple_form gem. It also adds full i18N support
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Devise simple_form views generator

This gem is an add-on to the excellent devise gem developed by plataformatec (

It's a new generator to replace the default devise_views generator.

  • Views are generated to work with simple_form gem (also done by plataformatec

  • Views are fully i18N localized. Two locale files are generated (English and French)

  • A small CSS file is also generated just for your eyes :)


This gem add only one generator, same usage as the default devise generator

  rails generate devise_simple_form_views [SCOPE] [options]

  -e, [--template-engine=TEMPLATE_ENGINE]  # Template engine for the views. Available options are 'erb' and 'haml'.
                                           # Default: erb

To generate HAML views, you need to have haml, hpricot and ruby_parser gems installed

Other Languages

Feel free to fork and provide new translations.


Bugs and Feedback

If you discover any bugs, please create an issue on GitHub.


Big thanks to plataformatec and José Valim for all the work they do for Rails community. Code of this plugins is mainly inspired by devise code!


MIT License. Copyright 2010 Xilinus.

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