Visualization of various molecular structure files.
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vipster VIsual Periodic STructure EditoR

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Visualization and editing framework for atomistic simulations.

For more information, please visit the Homepage, installation instructions can be found here.

Most importantly, try it in your browser!

C++17 based backbone: Powerful container-classes and I/O
Qt GUI Emscripten port Python bindings
Fast and native GUI with OGL3.3 based rendering Portable browser-based GUI, shared render-code Scripting interface for batch-processing


Supported file types:

  • standard xyz
  • PWscf input
  • PWScf output
  • Lammps data
  • Lammps dump
  • Empire-xyz
  • CPMD input
  • Gaussian cube
  • AIMALL output
  • Mol2
  • Turbomole