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Improving Body Posture through a Light, Flexible Back-Strap System with Real-Time Smartphone Microcontroller Monitoring, 102-E80-D2

By Mokshith Voodarla and Sriharsha Guduguntla and built for 2016 Synopsys Science Fair

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The objective of this project is to create a device that is able to monitor and improve the posture of a person. Everyday, more than 65 million Americans and many other people around the world either stand or sit in detrimental positions which have led to a 30% decrease in lung capacity as well as cause gastrointestinal discomfort and body pains.


The materials we used include vibration motors, an Arduino Uno (micro-controller/computer), a flex sensor, an HC-06 bluetooth module, 4 precisely 3D printed models, and a smartphone (Android). These materials helped us build our final physical model that would go on to reduce stress and improve a person’s posture. The way we did this was by hooking up a bluetooth module and a flex sensor to the Arduino. We developed an algorithm that was able to map a resistance level sent by the flex sensor to the number of degrees a person is bending. This data was then sent to our Android app via Bluetooth where heavier analysis took place. The data was used to extrapolate the average bend of a person and then advise the user to make certain changes to their posture in order to improve. This data was then sent to an online database (Firebase) where further data analysis was done. Finally, we displayed the results on a website dashboard consisting of detailed graphs and charts.


After we finished building everything, we had a seamless, easy to use, and low cost device that could monitor and improve posture. The 3D models in unison with the vibration motors successfully improved posture over time. Also, the Arduino and Flex sensor were able to accurately monitor how much the person was bending and they sent this data to an online database in real-time. The person received push notifications and suggestions on their phone and watch as well as their desktop. With the help of personalized graphs and reports, and a doctor and user profile (to share information with their doctor), the user was able to use the app effectively.


All our goals were met however there are many ways to improve this product. A major improvement could be to create a small, detachable vest/frame in order to allow the user to monitor his/her posture without relying on a backpack. This major improvement could make the device modular and could appeal to a larger audience in order to create a more interconnected system.


This device monitors and rectifies lack of lung capacity, shortness of breath, vascular disease, degradation of brain functions, and more by seamlessly tracking and physically improving posture.


Improving Body Posture through a Light, Flexible Back-Strap System with Real-Time Smartphone Microcontroller Monitoring




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