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A personal automation after a fresh install
Shell Vim script
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Fresh Debian Install Setup

This repository contains the scripts and Ansible tasks that automates all the things I do after a fresh Debian installation, such as configuration, packages, desktop look and feel and others.

It is tested on Debian Stretch (see tag debian9) and Debian Buster (my current version) and XFCE as desktop environment.


Run the script after the fresh installation, you need to be root as Debian does not install sudo by default unless you set no password to root.

bash <(wget -q -O- script will add the public Debian reposistory to /etc/apt/sources.list, install sudo, python-pip, python-setuptools, virtualenv and ansible inside a virtualenv sandbox. After that it wil clone this repository so you can continue with the setup process.

Important: Never trust wget,curl | sh,/bin/bash unless you are sure what the script is doing. Read the code and make sure it is not doing something that could be risky for you :).


Add roles for:

  • Hugo for blogging
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