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* Added an option message to successful health check results.
* Fixed locale issues in `GraphiteReporter`.
* Added `GangliaReporter`.
* Added per-HTTP method timers to `InstrumentedHandler` in `metrics-jetty`.
* Fixed a thread pool leak for meters.
* Added `#dump(File)` to `HistogramMetric` and `TimerMetric`.
* Upgraded to Jackson 1.9.x.
* Upgraded to slf4j 1.6.2.
* Upgraded to logback 0.9.30.
* Upgraded to ehcache 2.4.5.
* Surfaced `Metrics.removeMetric()`.


* Fixed a bug in GC monitoring.


* Fixed dependency scopes for `metrics-jetty`.
* Added time and VM version to `vm` output of `MetricsServlet`.
* Dropped `com.sun.mangement`-based GC instrumentation in favor of a
  ``-based one. `getLastGcInfo` has a nasty native memory
  leak in it, plus it often returned incorrect data.
* Upgraded to Jackson 1.8.5.
* Upgraded to Jetty 7.4.5.
* Added sanitization for metric names in `GraphiteReporter`.
* Extracted out a `Clock` interface for timers for non-wall-clock timing.
* Extracted out most of the remaining statics into `MetricsRegistry` and
* Added an init parameter to `MetricsServlet` for disabling the `jvm` section.
* Added a Guice module for `MetricsServlet`.
* Added dynamic metric names.
* Upgraded to ehcache 2.4.5.
* Upgraded to logback 0.9.29.
* Allowed for the removal of metrics.
* Added the ability to filter metrics exposed by a reporter to those which match
  a given predicate.


* Moved to Maven for a build system and extracted the Scala façade to a
  `metrics-scala` module which is now the only cross-built module. All other
  modules dropped the Scala version suffix in their `artifactId`s.
* Fixed non-heap metric name in `GraphiteReporter`.
* Fixed stability error in `GraphiteReporter` when dealing with unavilable
* Fixed error with anonymous, instrumented classes.
* Fixed error in `MetricsServlet` when a gauge throws an exception.
* Fixed error with bogus GC run times.
* Link to the pretty JSON output from the `MetricsServlet` menu page.
* Fixed potential race condition in histograms' variance calculations.
* Fixed memory pool reporting for the G1 collector.


* Fixed a bug in the intial startup phase of the `JmxReporter`.
* Added `metrics-ehcache`, for the instrumentation of `Ehcache` instances.
* Fixed a typo in `metrics-jetty`'s `InstrumentedHandler`.
* Added name prefixes to `GraphiteReporter`.
* Added JVM metrics reporting to `GraphiteReporter`.
* Actually fixed `MetricsServlet`'s links when the servlet has a non-root
  context path.
* Now cross-building for Scala 2.9.0.
* Added `pretty` query parameter for `MetricsServlet` to format the JSON object
  for human consumption.
* Added `no-cache` headers to the `MetricsServlet` responses.


* Upgraded to Jackson 1.7.6.
* Added a new instrumented Log4J appender.
* Added a new instrumented Logback appender. Thanks to Bruce Mitchener
  (@waywardmonkeys) for the patch.
* Added a new reporter for the [Graphite](
  aggregation system. Thanks to Mahesh Tiyyagura (@tmahesh) for the patch.
* Added scoped metric names.
* Added Scala 2.9.0.RC{2,3,4} as build targets.
* Added meters to Jetty handler for the percent of responses which have `4xx` or
  `5xx` status codes.
* Changed the Servlet API to be a `provided` dependency. Thanks to Mårten
  Gustafson (@chids) for the patch.
* Separated project into modules:
  * `metrics-core`: A dependency-less project with all the core metrics.
  * `metrics-graphite`: A reporter for the [Graphite](
    aggregation system.
  * `metrics-guice`: Guice AOP support.
  * `metrics-jetty`: An instrumented Jetty handler.
  * `metrics-log4j`: An instrumented Log4J appender.
  * `metrics-logback`: An instrumented Logback appender.
  * `metrics-servlet`: The Metrics servlet with context listener.


* added DeadlockHealthCheck
* added thread state breakdown
* upgrade to Jackson 1.7.5
* added @Gauge annotation
* fixed EWMA code for meters
* many bug fixes


Huge refactoring
Guice integration
Smells more like cement and rain


Added ExponentiallyDecayingSample.
Fixed an int overflow.
Added default args.
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