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Standalone Arduino APRS tracker based on modified version of LibAPRS, MicroModem and SkyLabs GPS module
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Tiny standalone single sketch Arduino APRS tracker based on modified version of LibAPRS with external GPS module

Arduino APRS Tracker

alt text


Arudino APRS tracker is based on Arduino UNO with next periherals:


  • Minimum: Arduino UNO with 2k SRAM, 32k FLASH
    • may require some manual libraries optimization, such as buffer size decrease
    • or different screen, PCD8544 requires 500 bytes of RAM for the buffer
  • Recommended: Arduino MEGA with 8k SRAM
    • NB! needs some tweaks in LibAPRS internals


Supported user operations

  • Rotary encoder rotation iterates over transmit heuristics selection, such as periodic transmit every 1 minute, 2 minutes, 500 meters, etc.
  • Short encoder release activates current heuristic if it is different from the current one or iterates over different APRS SSIDs
  • Long encoder release forces current position to be sent out
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