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Hi, I am Shahid from Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is the source code of my personal website. It is based on the theme gatsby-theme-open-sourcerer

Quick Start

  1. Create a site

Use gatsby-cli to bootstrap a new site:

gatsby new my-site
  1. Start development server

Navigate to the site directory and start the development server:

cd my-site
gatsby develop
  1. See the kit in action

Open http://localhost:8000 in your browser to see your site in action or visit http://localhost:8000/___graphql to check the graphql playground.

  1. Start hacking

Open the current directory in your favorite code editor and start hacking the kit. All the necessary instructions can be found here.

Available commands

  • npm start or npm run develop - will run develop server
  • npm run build - will create production build
  • npm run serve - will run the production build
  • npm run clean - will clear cache and other build files
  • npm run format - will format code using prettier

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