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Fix tools/ (denoland#2055)

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ry authored and piscisaureus committed Apr 6, 2019
1 parent 7a3df0a commit 9e890c260b8fcd58cd6673b65931f0e606e1d5dc
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@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@
# Builds into target/doc
run(["cargo", "doc", "--all", "--no-deps", "-vv"])

# 'deno --types' is stored in target/debug/gen/lib/lib.deno_runtime.d.ts
# 'deno --types' is stored in target/debug/gen/cli/lib/lib.deno_runtime.d.ts
# We want to run typedoc on that declaration file only.
os.chdir(os.path.join(target_path, "debug/gen/lib/"))
os.chdir(os.path.join(target_path, "debug/gen/cli/lib/"))

# You must have typedoc installed seprately.
# TODO Replace typedoc with something else ASAP. It's very awful.

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