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Air quality sensing powered by citizen sciene.
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If you already have a sensor and want to upload and visualise your data you can create an account here:

Please refer to our wiki page to learn about the assembly of the hardware to build a CamBike sensor youself:

alt text

If you have built your kit and want to flash the code to the Black Pill board, here is how:

a) Wiring and onboard jumpers:

  • RX on the USB2TTL adapter to PA9, TX to PA10, GND to G, 3.3V to V3
  • jumper B0+ to center pin, B1- to center pin

b) To flash the code:

  • (install Arduino Due in IDE board manager)
  • put Arduino_STM32 library (from the "hardware" folder in this repo) in "My Documents/Arduino/hardware" (Note: if the hardware folder doesn't exist you will need to create it)
  • start Arduino IDE and open the latest bp_vX from this repository
  • under "Tools -> Board" select "Generic STM32F103C series"
  • under "Tools -> Upload method" select Serial
  • press reset button on the Black Pill to enter its flash mode
  • click "Upload" to flash your code

c) To execute the code:

  • after flashing code should run
  • plug both header pins on low (B1- should be low already if your followed the steps correctly, move other jumper to B0-)
  • the board will now keep its flash memory, every reset will restart execution

We are an open-source project, please feel free to extend and improve our code, just post a commit!

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