A Bootstrap 4 / jQuery plugin wrapper, to create modals dynamically in JavaScript
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jQuery plugin to create bootstrap 4 modals in pure JavaScript.

Demo Page


npm install -save bootstrap-show-modal

Or just download this repository and include src/bootstrap-show-modal.js.


Simple Modal

$.showModal({title: "Hello World!", body: "A very simple modal dialog without buttons."})

Alert Dialog

$.showAlert({title: "Hi", body: "Please press ok, if you like or dislike cookies."})

Confirm Dialog

    title: "Please confirm", body: "Do you like cats?", textTrue: "Yes", textFalse: "No",
    onSubmit: function (result) { // callback on confirm
        if (result) {
            $.showAlert({title: "Result: " + result, body: "You like cats."})
        } else {
            $.showAlert({title: "Result: " + result, body: "You don't like cats."})
    onDispose: function() {
        console.log("The confirm dialog vanished")


props = {
    title: "", // the dialog title html
    body: "", // the dialog body html
    footer: "", // the dialog footer html (mainly used for buttons)
    modalClass: "fade", // Additional css for ".modal", "fade" for fade effect
    modalDialogClass: "", // Additional css for ".modal-dialog", like "modal-lg" or "modal-sm" for sizing
    options: null, // The Bootstrap modal options as described here: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/components/modal/#options
    // Events:
    onCreate: null, // Callback, called after the modal was created
    onDispose: null, // Callback, called after the modal was disposed
    onSubmit: null // $.showConfirm only. Callback, called after yes or no was pressed

See the Bootstrap 4 Modal documentation for possible values of options, modalClass and modalDialogClass.

Minified version

I don't provide a minified version because I think it should be up to the using programmer to create minified versions, with all the used script sources concatenated to one file.

But, if you want it, it is easy to create your minified version with uglify: https://www.npmjs.com/package/uglify-js

Just install uglify

npm install uglify-js -g

and then in the src-folder

uglifyjs bootstrap-show-modal.js --compress --mangle > bootstrap-show-modal.min.js

Browser support

It works in all modern browsers and in the Internet Explorer. Not tested with IE < 11.