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SHRESTful is a complete solution for using RESTful web APIs on iOS/MacOSX in Cocoa.

It uses the standard NSURLConnection to send requests to RESTful services and get the results.

It supports 'JSON' or 'forms' data format for requests.

It automatically handles connections, status codes and parsing the results returned from server.

Technical Specs

SHRESTful class is the base class to be used in Xcode for iOS/MacOS projects.

You can send RESTful requests synchronously using method:


or asynchronously using method:


SHServerInfo class is an object which holds RESTful server info. Including API BaseURL, Request DataType (JSON or forms), Response DataType & Shared Parameters (Not applicable yet)

SHResponse class is the result object returned from SHRESTful. it contains original NSHTTPURLResponse object as response, parsed data using selected resultDataType parser as result and error object as error.

NOTE: the error object is nil when the request has been sent without errors.

How to Use

Include required headers:

#import "SHRESTful.h"

For using asynchronous requests, implement SHRESTfulAsyncConnectionDelegate in your controller class.

Create an instance of SHServerInfo class in the controller (or whatever class) you want to send requests in. Set your API server data:

SHServerInfo *server = [SHServerInfo new];
server.baseURL = @"";
server.resultDataType = SHRESTFUL_DATATYPE_JSON;
server.requestDataType = SHRESTFUL_DATATYPE_JSON;

Then create an instance of SHRESTful and set self as it's delegate:

SHRESTful *restfulClient = [[SHRESTful alloc] initClientForServer:server andDelegate:self];

Now send a synchronous request:

SHResponse *response = [self.restfulClient executeMethodSynchronously:@"login" withParams:@{@"username": @"shahin", @"password": @"111"} andHTTPMethod:SHRESTFUL_HTTPMETHOD_GET];

// use response:
NSInteger statusCode = response.response.statusCode;
id result = response.result;
NSError *error = response.error;

or send an asynchronous request:

[self.restfulClient executeMethodAsynchronously:@"login" withParams:@{@"username": @"shahin", @"password": @"111"} andHTTPMethod:SHRESTFUL_HTTPMETHOD_GET];

and implement delegate methods to get result:

- (void)shRESTful:(SHRESTful *)restfulClient didFinishRequest:(NSURLRequest *)urlRequest withResponse:(SHResponse *)response
	NSInteger statusCode = response.response.statusCode;
	id result = response.result;

	// do something

- (void)shRESTful:(SHRESTful *)restfulClient failedFinishingRequest:(NSURLRequest *)urlRequest withResponse:(SHResponse *)response
	NSInteger statusCode = response.response.statusCode;
	id result = response.result;
	NSError *error = response.error;
	// do something

Please check the sample project too for a complete implementation of SHRESTful

To do

Any ideas to make this better?



Shahin Katebi

Note: This document is being updated.


SHRESTful is a complete solution to use RESTful web APIs on iOS/MacOSX.



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