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Gitpod ready-to-code

ddev + Gitpod

Set up a full Drupal dev environment in a browser

This project demonstrates a complete Drupal 9 development environment, utilizing ddev and Gitpod, through your browser.

Video Demo

Watch a 5 minutes walkthrough video:

Setup a full Drupal dev environment in a browser


  1. Sign up for

Try it out:

  1. Click on the following link
  2. Your environment is being prepared, wait about 40 seconds (A splash screen will appear)
  3. VScode IDE will be displayed, a few seconds later you will see Umami demo.
  4. Run in terminal ddev xdebug on
  5. Open VScode's debugger, place a new breakpoint in web/index.php
  6. Open your website's URL in a browser.
  7. 🎉

Do you like PhpStorm instead of Theia or VScode?

  1. Open a bash window at the bottom
  2. .ddev/

How does it work?

  1. Gitpod - development environment based on Docker
    1. .gitpod.yml
      1. Defines the main docker image this environment is built on - .gitpod.Dockerfile
      2. Run prebuild commands:
        1. Start ddev
        2. Run composer install
        3. Install Umami demo website
    2. .gitpod.Dockerfile
      1. Set base image to Gitpod's workspace-full (link)
      2. Install ddev using brew
  2. ddev - ridiculously simple setup for complex development environments, allows developers working locally or working with Gitpod in the cloud.
    1. .ddev/config.yaml - main ddev (default) configuration, can be generated by running ddev config

Thank you

@rfay for your endless patience and relentless support that made this project possible.

Persistent Storage:

  • Gitpod backs up the state of the /workspace/ folder between workspace starts, so that you can revisit them later. Attention: Files in other locations will not be saved!
  • Additional Storage Solutions


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