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GXC CMS is an open source CMS written on Yii Framework. It has been developed since July 2011 by Tuan Nguyen ( and Tri Nguyen ( from GxcSolutions (Non-profit organization - This CMS can help you to make not only a newspaper specifc website ( Workflow Transfer, History tracking,...) but also a basic social network.

You can check the demo at :

The CMS is now version 1.0. It has all the features for a basic CMS. If you love PHP and Yii, feel free to join us to make this CMS better.

This CMS uses existed extensions/modules : 

Rights :
Translate :
Settings :

Some current features of it:

- Multiple languages ( Content, Categories, Pages,...)
- Multiple Content types ( Easily define new content type like : article, wordpress posts custom fields but maybe better  )
- User Management ( Thanks to Rights module )
- Workflow handle ( Who can create an article, publish or cancel it, transfer to others to review )
- Multiple layouts support ( Hm,...I should call this theme, learn more with the page management below ) 
- Pages management : The site can create pages. Ya, a page can have different layouts that are defined abone. In each layout, we can add blocks in slots. The Blocks are ( for example : HTML Block, Content list Block, Menu Block,,...). A new block can be developed easily for backend handle and frontend appearance. 

Missing and going to develope features :

- Resource management ( In our old version, we already have this but we don't satisfy so we decided to re-work on it ). This is for upload files to different storages ( to current web folder, Amazon S3,...) 
- Newsletter
- Caching management ( Re-work) 
- Ip and visits statistics 

For starting, please check this link :

Happy Coding Guys
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