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The personal, minimalist, super-fast, database free, bookmarking service - community repo
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Latest commit eb0a0f7 Nov 27, 2019
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.dev WIP - Plugin to override default template colors Jul 8, 2019
.docker docker: build the images from the local sources Jun 16, 2018
.github Update AUTHORS and contributor mailmap Jan 4, 2018
application thumbnailer: add to list of common media domains Sep 21, 2019
assets Fix image lazy loading issues Aug 15, 2019
cache .htaccess files: support Apache 2.4+ syntax Nov 8, 2016
data Fix: enable access to data/user.css (Apache 2.2 & 2.4) Oct 16, 2017
doc doc: remove obsolete link Nov 27, 2019
inc Default colors plugin - Translations Jul 20, 2019
pagecache .htaccess files: support Apache 2.4+ syntax Nov 8, 2016
plugins Fix some typos and remove a few unnecessary comments in demo plugin Oct 26, 2019
tests Markdown plugin: fix RSS feed direct link reverse Aug 15, 2019
tpl Fix undefined thumbnail on OpenGraph headers Sep 10, 2019
.dockerignore Provide a Docker Compose example Jul 12, 2018
.editorconfig Add SASSLint makefile target, and run it in CI May 10, 2018
.gitignore WIP - Plugin to override default template colors Jul 8, 2019
.htaccess Use version condition in the root .htaccess Aug 10, 2018
.readthedocs.yml docs: add readthedocs configuration file Mar 30, 2019
AUTHORS Changelog v0.11.1 Aug 3, 2019 Changelog v0.11.1 Aug 3, 2019 migrated Github wiki links to readthedocs Aug 26, 2017
COPYING Update COPYING Apr 5, 2018
Dockerfile Docker: Bump NodeJS version to prevent an issue with node-sass Jul 29, 2019
Dockerfile.armhf Rollback on removing php7-curl from step 4 Jun 4, 2019
Makefile doc: remove Doxygen configuration Jan 18, 2019 Bump badge version Aug 3, 2019
composer.json Upgrade composer dependencies from PHP 7.1 Aug 1, 2019
docker-compose.yml Docs: Add an installation guide for Debian 9 + Docker Jul 12, 2018
index.php Bump PHP version check in index.php Aug 10, 2019
mkdocs.yml add "noindex, nofollow" HTML robots meta-tag to documentation pages Sep 9, 2018
package.json Switch from FontAwesome v4.x to ForkAwesome May 19, 2019
phpdoc.dist.xml doc: add phpDocumentor configuration Jan 18, 2019
phpunit.xml Run languages tests using PHPUnit test suites Mar 6, 2017
shaarli_version.php Use 'dev' version on the master branch Mar 12, 2017
webpack.config.js Add a page to update all thumbnails through AJAX requests in both tem… Jul 5, 2018

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The personal, minimalist, super-fast, database free, bookmarking service.

Do you want to share the links you discover? Shaarli is a minimalist link sharing service that you can install on your own server. It is designed to be personal (single-user), fast and handy.

Join the chat at Bountysource Docker repository



You can use this public demo instance of Shaarli. It runs the latest development version of Shaarli and is updated/reset daily.

Login: demo; Password: demo


Shaarli is Free Software. See COPYING for a detail of the contributors and licenses for each individual component.

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