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@ArthurHoaro ArthurHoaro released this Jul 27, 2019 · 32 commits to master since this release

Shaarli no longer officially support PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 as they've reached end of life.

Shaarli classes now use namespace, third party plugins need to update.


  • Add optional PHP extension to composer suggestions.
  • composer: enforce PHP security advisories
  • phpDocumentor configuration and make target
  • Run unit tests against PHP 7.3
  • Bunch of accessibility improvements to the default template, thanks to @llune
  • Bulk actions: set visibility
  • Display sticky label in linklist
  • Add print CSS rules to the default template
  • New setting to automatically retrieve description for new bookmarks
  • Plugin to override default template colors


  • Shaarli now uses namespaces for its classes.
  • Rewrite IP ban management
  • Default template: slightly lighten visited link color
  • Hide select all button on mobile view
  • Switch from FontAwesome v4.x to ForkAwesome
  • Daily - display the current day instead of the previous one


  • Do not check the IP address with session protection disabled
  • API: update test regexes to comply with PCRE2
  • Optimize and cleanup imports
  • ensure HTML tags are stripped from OpenGraph description
  • Documentation invalid links
  • Thumbnails disabling if PHP GD is not installed
  • Warning if links sticky status isn't set
  • Fix button overlapping on mobile in linklist
  • Do not try to retrieve thumbnails for internal link
  • Update node-sass to fix a vulnerability in node tar dependency
  • armhf Dockerfile
  • Default template: Responsive issue with delete button fix
  • Persist sticky status on bookmark update


  • Doxygen configuration
  • redirector setting
  • QRCode link to an external service
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