Simple wrapper around the aspell command for irssi
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An Aspell based spellchecker for Irssi.


This script requires that you have installed the

Text::Aspell module from CPAN.

This is probably in your package manager on *nix:

  • apt-get install libtext-aspell-perl for Debian/Ubuntu
  • port install p5-text-aspell for MacPorts
  • pkg_add -r p5-Text-Aspell for BSD

or you can install it via the cpan (cpan Text::Aspell) or cpan-minus (cpanm Text::Aspell) applications.

If you're really masochistic, you could just install from the tarball.

  • You'll probably need to get and configure aspell with your chosen language dictionary as well. The internets will tell you how.


  • /script load after putting it in ~/.irssi/scripts/.
  • Bind a key to /spellcheck, something like:
  • /bind meta-d /spellcheck
  • Type something (badly).
  • Hit Meta-d
  • select from the numerical options at the top of the screen, or space to skip to the next word. Any other key cancels.

NOTE: If you use existing split windows, you might notice some weirdness. If so, please submit a bug report, preferably with a screenshot.


Copyright Somewhere, Something, © 2011

Original by IsaacG (yitz_@#irssi/Freenode),

Modifications by Shabble (shabble@#irssi/Freenode).


  • MAYBE FIXED? Consumes punctuation around a corrected word


  • Configuration options to select dictionaries
  • Option to ignore nicks in channel
  • Support for saving to a user dictionary
  • DONE Make the N and P keys cycle though completions > 10
  • Do something clever about checking screen width vs suggestion string length, and wrap appropriately.
  • Add more candidiates for wider screens and select by letter a-z etc? (But then that starts to interfere with the other bindings. Hmmm.)
  • Alternative is multiple numbers followed by enter to select, but that seems too much effort.
  • Document More Better.
  • Something about manually editing (just the) incorrect word highlighted.
  • 'submit-on-enter' option, so you can add it to the multi binding of the enter key to auto-spellcheck your input before you send it. After correcting the last word, the line is sent.