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- fix known bugs and known todos!
- esc is a little slow as ins->cmd mode key
- 3"ap doesn't work but "a3p does
- search with / and ? in history
first search on current line, then wrap to history
- implement tab completion for ex-mode
- recheck everything end of the line related
- marks
- text-objects
- 2daW doesn't work at end of line, should do nothing
- :imap
- custom scripts (vim-like functions) which can be mapped
- surroundings, with an external script if somebody writes it
- Ctrl-R = to evaluate expressions, first only simple math
- Ctrl-R shouldn't have a timeout in insert mode
- %
# Ignore invalid operator/char combinations.
#} elsif ($operator and ($char eq 'j' or $char eq 'k')) {
# print "Invalid operator/char: $operator $char" if DEBUG;
# $skip = 1;
- undo/redo positions _suck_
- cc/dd . doesn't work
- daw is not correctly displayed in status line, it shows d_a instead of da
- :map ,, w
:map ,,, b
,,, - very short pause - ,,, doesn't work; possibly because of
- support :map gX iINSERT TEXT<ESC> and similar stuff (suggested by estragib)
- it would be nice if :ls somehow indicated current and alternate buffer
(maybe activity too?) (suggested by estragib)
- < estragib> oh, i can't map \<something> either
< estragib> hehe, definitely something to do with escaping. \\ prints \
- < estragib> there's a minimal difference to vim when yanking with yB:
abc def ghi jkl<ESC>bhyBP
< estragib> vim : abc def ghighi jkl
< estragib> vim-mode: abc def ghi ghi jkl