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@@ -141,6 +141,37 @@ a command such as:
"C</set uberprompt_format [$vim_cmd_mode] $*$uber] >"
+=head3 Quick Window Switching
+If you are in the habit of using C<Esc,N> for switching windows, you might
+want to consider switching to using C<Alt+N>. This is faster, anyway, but it
+will be even faster for you while you're using F<>. Also, if you
+don't already know, you can use C<Alt+[qwertyuio]> to access windows 11-19
+(the letter corresponds to the number northwest of it on the keyboard).
+Also, for xterm users, the default binding is to emit a skimpy set of
+non-ASCII chars, such as superscript-2 when you hit C<Alt+2>. There are more
+modern ways to input such characters, and they get in the way of the above
+trick. Doing:
+ echo '*VT100*metaSendsEscape: true' >> ~/.Xresources
+ xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources
+...then restart xterm. The C<xrdb> command should only be necessary for the
+current X session, as that file is read by default in most X startup scripts.
+If it is not, you can add that line to your C<~/.xsession> or C<~/.xinitrc>,
+whichever is in use. Furthermore, if you want to change this setting on a
+running xterm (for example, because you're running C<irssi> directly, not from
+within C<screen> even though you should!), you can use C<editres>. It is one
+of those crufty old X11 applications that is not very well understood, today,
+but to use it you go to C<Commands E<gt> Get Tree>, then click on the xterm,
+then click on the C<vt100> box, then go to C<Commands E<gt> Show Resource
+Box>. From there the C<metaSendsEscape> resource should be visible so you can
+click on it (if it isn't, fiddle with the odd scrollbar on the left of the
+window). Finally, enter C<true> in the "Enter Resource Value" box and hit
+C<Apply>. Not terribly simple, but at least it will save you the noob move of
+C</quit BRB.>
Additionally to the irssi settings described in L<settings|/SETTINGS>, vim_mode

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