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allow pushing to an arbitrary branch

before that, the only way to
$ git push <remote> <branch1>:<branch2>
was to have it configured as
$ git config branch.<branch1>.merge <branch2>

Otherwise it would simply run
$ git push <remote> <branch>

(<branch> being a shortcut for <branch>:<branch>)

Now a double C-u before pushing will allow pushing to a specified branch
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1 parent 3915a96 commit 1eeaf177b975d23e2095c8ab36fe2ef2e7ba36dc @sigma sigma committed Dec 22, 2011
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  1. +20 −2 magit.el
@@ -1224,6 +1224,20 @@ DEF is the default value, and defaults to the value of `magit-get-current-branch
nil nil nil nil def)))
(if (string= reply "") nil reply)))
+(defun magit-read-remote-branch (remote &optional prompt default)
+ (let* ((prompt (or prompt (format "Remote branch (in %s): " remote)))
+ (branches (delete nil
+ (mapcar
+ (lambda (b)
+ (and (not (string-match " -> " b))
+ (string-match (format "^ *%s/\\(.*\\)$"
+ remote) b)
+ (match-string 1 b)))
+ (magit-git-lines "branch" "-r"))))
+ (reply (magit-completing-read prompt branches
+ nil nil nil nil default)))
+ (if (string= reply "") nil reply)))
;;; Sections
;; A buffer in magit-mode is organized into hierarchical sections.
@@ -3952,10 +3966,14 @@ typing and automatically refreshes the status buffer."
(branch-remote (magit-get-remote branch))
(push-remote (if (or current-prefix-arg
(not branch-remote))
- (magit-read-remote (format "Push %s to: " branch)
+ (magit-read-remote (format "Push %s to remote: "
+ branch)
- (ref-branch (magit-get "branch" branch "merge")))
+ (ref-branch (or (and (>= (prefix-numeric-value current-prefix-arg) 16)
+ (magit-read-remote-branch
+ push-remote (format "Push %s as branch: " branch)))
+ (magit-get "branch" branch "merge"))))
(if (and (not ref-branch)
(eq magit-set-upstream-on-push 'refuse))
(error "Not pushing since no upstream has been set.")

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