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###An unlikely arbitrator.

"How much time do we have?" Kim asked.

"Not much, or too much." Sujay answered. "Probably a week, or an year, or a few centuries. We don't know."

Kim was worried. She would rather not be doing this. The world was in turmoil, but she not in particular; only as much as the next Joe. The world changed last week, when the world scientifically decided that she would be the best person to choose how to destroy Humanity.

Earth has been contacted in 2049 by two competing factions; seeking its loyality. Popularly called Emergence and Hierarchy by Earthmen, they represented two ways of life, and each different from the Human way. WHich poison should she choose, Kim had no idea.

"Lets talk about Emergence and Heirachy again." Kim said. "Tell me all that you know about them."

"You mean apart from the fact that they want us to join their insect-hivemind, 'you will be assimilated' galatic-civilization-complex? Sorry I am just having a bad lifetime, and I can't keep sane anymore." Sujay said. "Here you go anyway"

"Emergence was the first to contact us. They did not tell us about themselves, or their goals or Hierarchy in the beginning. Just that they are an alien civilization, and want to observe us. They never came out of their spaceships, but communicated with us over wireless channels only. Their true nature and motivations became clear to us only when Hierachy contacted us, about an year later and told us the truth about Emergence."

"Their technical superiority became evedent within a few days of meeting them. They first communicated with us on 8th, October, 2047. Within a month our medical sciences had moade more progress than in last 10 years. Within a month they provided us with a cure for cancer, lab growable organs and a solid understanding of gene theory, all elusive for last 50 years. This provided them sympathy among Earthmen, but more suspicion of their advanced technology and their motivations."

"Both she and Sujay were using Earthmen to refer to rest of earth. We should stop it." Kim noted.

"Only when Hierarchy contacted us, did we learn of true nature of these beasts. Not that Hierarchy is any better, but at least they never tried to buy us, and our loyality by offering outdated, and worthless technology." Sujay said.

"I am going to meet Mantis. Set me a meeting for tomorrow morning." Kim said and went to sleep.