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In this novel I want to explore what it means to be human. What we humans as a race hold most dear.

"Any society which gives away a little liberty for a little security, deserves neither, and loses both." Is this always true? Why do we humans hold libery and equality as the heighest ideals.

Take doemstication of animals. 3000 years ago, wolves were wild. SOme of them choose to join man, and become domesticated. This was a clear master-subordinate relationship. Yet dogs, domesticated from wolves got a better deal than wolves.

Individiality. Why value individuality. Our body is composed of mostly useless cells, barely alive in themselves. Yet, a complex interplay of all of these cells, produces a total greater than their sum. When borgs say, "You will be assimilated", why is this such a touchy and haunting words. Your body has assimilated thousands of millions of cells and that is why it is so great. WHat if we have reached the zeninth of organism evolution, and the next step ahead is assimilation.

What is individuality anyway. Jean Locutus Picard reatins his looks and skills with Borgs. A non assimilated culure like the Dominion has Jem-Haddars which are all alike.

Assume you are the person who has to make a choice for humanity at this. Would you decide this based on your morality. Suppose these choices affect the survival chances of humanity. What would you choose the one with better survival chances, or one fitting with human morality.

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