A GT.M and Caché compatible HTTP server
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M Web Server

This source tree represents a web (HTTP) server implemented in the M language. It is maintained by OSEHRA, the Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent.


This project aims to provide standardized and easy to deploy RESTful web services from M and from VISTA. The software can also serve file-system based resources that can take advantage of the web services.

This project is based off code contained in the Health Management Platform (HMP) JSON store.



Developer Documentation

See the doc folder.


This section is to help the maintainer remember how to package this when it gets updated. We rely on the github tag for automated installation. The OSEHRA VistA repo contains the PackRO script which is used here.

  • After editing and committing the routines, update WWWINIT with the new version number to be.
  • ../VistA/Scripts/PackRO.py src/WWWINIT.m > dist/WWWINIT.RSA
  • ../VistA/Scripts/PackRO.py $(find src -name '*.m' -not -name 'WWWINIT.m') > dist/MWS.RSA
  • Update the Install Documentation with the new version number.
  • Commit and push
  • git tag the new version number; and git push --tags
  • Test on GT.M and Cache