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Victory Programmer Environment (used in M code Development; esp. for VISTA)
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Victory Programming Environment (VPE)

This is an updated version of VPE from the last version released by David Bolduc. David Bolduc passed away in 2013.

The home page of VPE is


Go to the releases page, and download the latest VPE.RSA file:

Load this in with you M Implementations Routine Input utility, and then type in Programmer Mode D ^XV

This command both starts VPE and installs it for the first time if it is not already installed.

VPE does not rely on VISTA or RPMS being installed. You can use a lot of its functionality without VISTA or RPMS. Anything Fileman related will not work if Fileman isn't installed.

Using VPE (Brief User Manual)

To enter VPE, type D ^XV. An online manual can be found by just typing '?' when at the '>>' VPE prompt.

VPE has its own CHUI Windowing system. To get out of any windows, type 'ESC', 'ESC'... that is, two escapes in a row. That's the only shortcut key you really need to remember.

The VPE manual can be found here: Since the original VPE manual has been written, VPE has been moved to XVEM from %ZVEM or ZVEM. Therefore, any references to %ZVEM or ZVEM should be changed to XVEM.

Unit Testing

VPE (as of version 14.2) comes with a Unit Testing suite that covers about 50% of the code. To run the Unit Testing suite, make sure you have VPE imported into your M-implementation (if you are running the tests, preferably the routines in this repository rather than the release), and then navigate to the test folder, adjust VPE.cfg to connect to your M system (examples to follow), and then run this command:

python -c ON -cs 'XV*,-XVIR*' /tmp/

This is the expected output:

test_deleteVPE (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_startVPE (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_tryStartAgainFromWithin (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_qwiks (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_command_line_shortcuts (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_command_line_error_trap (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_command_line_global_warn (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_main_help (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_delete_routine (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_editor (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_showSymbolTable (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_showCalendar (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_showASCIITable (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_systemShell (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_VGL (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_VEDD (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_routineSearch (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_ZP (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_UserList (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_FilemanTemplateDisplayers (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_FilemanHelp (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_KernelHelp (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_notes (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_key (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_params (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_ZD (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_CLH (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_DIC (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_purge (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_QSAVE (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok
test_stopVPE (__main__.VPEUnitTests) ... ok

Ran 31 tests in 37.514s


The VPE.cfg file contains the configuration of how to connect to the M system. It supports various configuration scenarios. Here's how to connect to a GT.M system on the same machine:


If you use this configuration, you MUST set $gtm_dist, $gtmroutines, and $gtmgbldir correctly prior to invoking the python script.

For Caché, VPE.cfg looks like this:


If you use this configuration, you MUST set $CACHE_INSTANCE and $CACHE_NAMESPACE correctly prior to invoking the python script.

If you want to connect to a remote VistA instance, or use a username/password with Caché, then read the code in tests/pexpect_n_vistahelpers/vista/ for a hint of how to do that.


The entire change history from version 9 to the current version can be found here.


The VPE is now licensed under Apache 2.0. See LICNESE for more details.

MV1 support

This section is for Sam, the maintainer. You can ignore it:

What's left for supporting MV1 is the following:

  • Error trap unwind doesn't work b/c of a bug in MV1 --> PUT A BANDAID!
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