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.gitmodules documentation

This repository contains the documentation shown at The documentation is written in Markdown syntax and compiled into HTML using the superb static website generator HUGO.

Install Hugo

Windows & Linux

Go to Hugo's download page, download the package for your architecture and install the lastest release.


Use the superb packet manager Homebrew and execute:

    $ brew update && brew install hugo

There are also more detailed installation instructions available on the Hugo website.

Download Shackbus documentation

The easiest way to download the documentation is by doing a git clone of this repository.

    $ git clone
    $ git submodule update --init --recursive

Since the Hugo theme has been included as a git submodule, you have to run the second command once so that the theme repository will be downloaded as well.

If you expect to make (and submit) changes to the docs, the best would be to create a Fork and then checkout your fork.

Start local http server

Go the the path of the repository and execute

    $ cd
    $ hugo server -w --theme=hugo-material-docs

This will launch an http server at http://localhost:1313 which you can access with your favorite web browser.

Please note that the pages will automatically be refreshed whenever a file has been modified.

How to collaborate

You are welcome to improve the documentation. Please Fork this repository and submit a Pull Request with your changes.