Archive of antique BeOS perl system for serving database websites out of the Be File System (BFS)
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TrackerBase for BeOS

Back in the early-mid 90s, I ran The BeOS Tip Server from a BeOS server in my home, using the Be Filesystem (BFS) as the database, since BFS provided completely customizable attributes for custom filetypes.

The code was written in Perl (what was I thinking?) and is an embarassment by today's standards, but the whole project was a bit of a miracle at the time, and I'm happy to have done it. You can read more about the TrackerBase project here.

I stopped using BeOS when the project was killed, and never went down the Haiku path. I recently discovered the original TrackerBase.pkg installer file, and found that I couldn't open it on the Mac. Fortunately, a current Haiku user came to my rescue (thanks @humdinger!) and unpacked it for me. I'm posting it here on github just to keep the code alive and accessible to anyone wants it.

This software is free to copy, distribute and modify, under the MIT license contained herein.