Holiday Python geekiness…
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Holiday Python geekiness…

If your family (or classroom or workplace) does “gift circles,” where everyone buys a gift for exactly one other person in the group, you could do (and probably already do) do the old “pull a name out of a hat” thing. But that takes setup time: writing down names, cutting them out, finding a hat, passing it around... shouldn’t this process be automated? Here’s a little Python script to get it done quick.

On my MacBook, the script runs for ten people in 27 milliseconds – think of all the egg nog you could drink in the time you save!

Populate the “recipients” list with real names and run ./

Output looks like:

1: Leslie gives to Amy
2: Jamie gives to Leslie
3: Avis gives to Momo
4: Jim gives to Jamie
5: Amy gives to Buford
6: Scot gives to Mike
7: Mike gives to Scot
8: Miles gives to Avis
9: Buford gives to Jim
10: Momo gives to Miles

Happy holidays, you big nerd!