Python library to read Tiled Map Editor's TMX maps.
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Map loader for TMX Files
bitcraft (leif dot theden at
v.15 - for python 2.6 and 2.7

If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact me via email.
Tested with Tiled 0.8.1 for Mac.

released under the LGPL v3


This map loader can be used to load maps created in the Tiled map editor.  It
provides a simple way to get tiles and associated metadata so that you can draw
a map onto the screen.

This is *not* a rendering engine.  It will load the data that is necessary to
render a map onto the screen.  All tiles will be loaded into in memory and
available to blit onto the screen.

Design Goals:
    Simple api
    Memory efficient and fast

    Loads data and "properties" metadata from Tile's TMX format
    "Properties" for: maps, tilesets, layers, objectgroups, objects, and tiles
    Point data for polygon and polyline objects
    Automatic flipping and rotation of tiles
    Supports base64, csv, gzip, zlib and uncompressed XML
    Image loading with pygame

Why use PyTMX?

    PyTMX is efficient:
        Only the tiles used on a map are loaded into memory
        Map information is stored as integers (8-16 bit), not python data (32+kb)
        Extensive use of generators and iterators make it easy on memory

    PyTMX is flexible:
        Supports all major Tiled features and object types
        PyTMX data classes can be subclassed and extended
        Has built-in pygame tile loading
	Does not force you to render data in any particular way

    PyTMX is supported:
        GitHub hosting allows for community participation
        I have kept PyTMX current with new versions of Tiled since v.7

    PyTMX is usable:
        Liberal LGPL license means you can use PyTMX any way you want

More information can be found in the source files.


Please see's docstring for version information and sample usage.
Check tests/ and tests/ for examples on how to use the library.


The 16x16 overworld tiles were created by MrBeast at CC-BY 3.0