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Welcome to the Apothecarius! Apothecarius is a usermanagement for our warehouse/storage-space.

It is meant to be simple and fast. Just wipe your id/barcode card an receive a sticker/tag with brief information about you and the date. In the long term process we might implement extra features like multibarcode id cards to discriminate i.e. between private and public goods. Other features might be:

  • touchscreen
  • webinterface
  • automatic alerts
  • additional contents information
  • 3 Barcodes for the user-card, the first for private, the second for project and the last for public (this feature must be added in the first version)



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Version random type attribute
Versionsnummer des Verfahrens
zufällige einmaligen Zahl pro type
Großprojekt/Raum/Nutzerkarte (z.B. Küche, Lager, upm, user=0)
Abhängig vom Type/Großprojekt (z.B. bei User: box, private, public oder bei (anderen) Dingen durchs Großprojekt belegbar (smdteil, motor, verderblich, gewürz etc) u.s.w.)
Fore more informations write a mail to: mrpi.homepage@googlemail.com